Card Printing

There are all sorts of cards that you can print with an ACCUFAST printer or Print / Cure System. Classify the card by general size and surface. For example, a small porous surface card like a post card for the mail is best printed with an ACCUFAST P4.

That same printer fitted with a card feeder (P4CF) prints bar codes and other data on blister cards and small envelopes such
as seed packets or lens envelopes.

When the substrate changes to non-porous, a UV Cure conveyor is added to the P4 Now you can print and cure non-porous materials such as credit cards (PVC) , post cards (UV or Aqueous Over Coated), phone cards, foil and a host of other small cards.

Large cards follow the same criteria, except that they are too large to fit through the P4 and must be printed on a PMx The same qualifications relative to material porosity and curing apply. Just change the size of the feeding and curing units to accept the larges materials. Generally speaking, larger materials are thicker as well. The PMx is used to print magazines, booklets and other thick materials.

Finally, some cards need to have the images spread over the face of the card. Say several lines of print under the holes for pill windows. We handle these requirements with imaging kits suspended over one of our transports such as a PMx or a CKx kit over a non-ACCUFAST transport. Again, the porosity and make up of the surface determines the need for a UV Cure module. Available space and layout drives the choice of UV Cure configuration.



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