Primary Cartons

Primary cartons, inner cartons, boxes whatever you call them, they all come blank and need printing. If you're rich and have inventory management down to a "T", you can have all of the various boxes printed with the bar codes and hope that sales will match the quantities of boxes that you have on hand. Notice that word "hope". Rarely do things turn out the exact way that they are planned. Unfortunately missing on either side of the mark has penalties. Too few boxes and you're into expensive short run printing. Too many and you've paid for something you don't use - waste.

Our ACCUFAST printers have solved that problem by enabling the manufacturer or packager to print high quality bar codes, text and graphics on the generic box at high speed on demand. You need 500 of this box or 50,000 of that one. Doesn't matter. With an ACCUFAST printer you get the job done.

You select which printer or print system you need based on size and finish of the box. Small boxes like the one on the left are done on an ACCUFAST P4 based system. The larger box below was printer on an ACCUFAST PMx.

Finish dictates ink drying and selection. ACCUFAST distributes a number of inks including a pair of UV cure inks that were used for these glossy boxes. In order to determine which ink or inks work best and to obtain accurate ink costs per carton, samples should be sent to ACCUFAST for testing.

There is a good deal of flexibility in the ACCUFAST product line so that a printer / conveyor combination can be customized by changing imager and curing modules. No two jobs are the same so in order to apply the technology correctly, adjustments need to be made. ACCUFAST is designed to accommodate these adjustments.


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