Front Page Advertising

The hottest thing in the newspaper business is Front Page Advertising. This new revenue stream (that's right new revenue) is generated by applying a Post itŪ Note to the mast head of the paper and charging advertisers a premium for that position. These advertising programs leverage the paper's unique position in the media
to create a significant opportunity for advertisers.

ACCUFAST enters the market with the LPx label printer
designed to handle the notes. The idea behind ACCUFAST's
success is to control the note printing process from sale
to delivery.

Printing your own notes makes sense. Using the LPx, your paper
can sell partial runs and segregate notes by paper delivery region.
This feature appeals to neighborhood businesses that would consider advertising across town to be a waste. (Remember new revenue?)

Costs are reduced to ink and blank notes and maintenance is next to nothing. Mainly, keep the cartridges clean.

Finally, the program becomes self fulfilling and is easy for the sales folks to promote. Readers come to expect the notes and save them until they are ready to buy. Putting a note on the front page actually increases the paper's value to its readers, and in these days of constricting readership, that ain't bad.

Address Printing

Most papers mail something on a regular basis. Some more than others, but just about every paper mails. Typically, mailing and addressing is not a big part of the distribution mix, nor is it a high priority when it comes to equipment. That's OK until something happens to the old labeling machine. ACCUFAST has a couple of options when this happens.

First, there is the Publication Printer. This is a sturdy little transport that rolls up to the end of the old labeler base. It then prints the address directly on the paper. Bed height is adjustable as is transport speed. Addressed papers then continue on to whatever packaging operation is being used.

It is also easy to update a vacuum mailing base with the latest ink jet technology. The ACCUFAST Ckx is a self contained imager kit that bolts directly to old bases, giving them new life. There is no need to replace a serviceable transport when the printer is out dated and worn out. The new ACCUFAST ink jets are cost and energy efficient and use water based inks to keep solvents out of the environment and workplace. Work smart, save money - buy ACCUFAST.

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