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Accufast LPx Printer

The ACCUFAST LPx is a high speed ink jet printer that adapts HP's technology to print on sleeves or rolls of Post it® Notes and labels. Newspapers typically buy blank sticky notes in boxes of three selves per box. As shown, the box sits next to the printer and the material is fed under the imaging heads and re-folded in a catch tray to be replaced in an empty sleeve. The printed notes are then taken to the labeler and applied to the papers as needed.

The LPX can have as many as 4 imaging heads each printing 1.5 inches of text, barcodes and graphics. Each head is made up of three cartridges. Thus, spot color is merely a matter of swapping a black cartridge with a colored one. Powerful design and print control software is supplied with the imager. This gives the operator the ability to design, print, store and monitor the printing of the note. Productivity is guaranteed by the printer's 200+ fpm rating at 300 x 600 dpi. This translates to approximately 40,000 notes per hour. Fast, accurate, reliable all rolled into a simple to use and maintain package - the ACCUFAST LPx.

LPx Technical Specifications

  • Height 55 in, depth 20 in. length 30 in.
  • Weight 245 lbs.
  • Electrical 120 VAC 6 amps 60 Hz.
    230 VAC 3 amps 50 Hz.
  • Material: Label size 1 x 1 in to 4 x 5 in.
  • Continuous roll with nominal gap between labels.
  • Label material may vary with different inks, typical plain paper 18-20 lb bond.
  • Label roll 3 in core, 12 in roll.
  • Printing speed electrically controlled at 25 inches per sec.
  • Production rate varies with label length.
  • Data transfer via Ethernet cable.
  • Typical resolution 300 dpi horiz. 600 dpi vertical.
  • Can print up to 600 x 600 dpi.
  • Design software included. Requires current Windows system.
  • Options:
    • Barcode verifier available
    • Automatic imager cleaning & capping
    • UV ink system including curing unit
    • Fan fold label transport with re-stack tray.


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