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Accufast P4 Printer

The ACCUFAST P4 is an incredible print module.

It may be combined with a number of feeders, conveyors, stackers, and curing units to create flexible solutions for the budget conscious consumer.

It's design guarantees a simple, reliable platform from which to grow a business.

P4 Technical Specifications [top]

  • Size: 16” long x 12” high x 16.5” wide
  • Weight: 35 lb.
  • Production Speed: Adjustable up to 50 inches per second
  • Electrical 120 VAC 4 amps 60 Hz.
    230 VAC 3 amps 50 Hz. Use a grounded outlet or Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Document Size:
    •     Length: 14.33 (B4)
    •     Width: 3 - 14
    •     Thickness: 2 sheets - .375
  • Print Area: 2 split into 1 segments
  • Imaging Software included - Windows XP required
  • Ethernet data connection
  • UV Cure inks and Drying systems available
  • User defined print resolutions up to 600 x 600

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